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Brand/Model: LIGMATECH "MPP 10/06"
Year MFG: 1995
Serial #: 0-306-07-0758
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: Duluth, GA
Dimensions: 216" L  x  49" W  x  144" H
Weight: 8,800 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: $ 150 Loading fee
Comment: NOTE: Cylinders removed for Transport From main shop area.

LIGMATECH MPP10/06 Electro-pneumatic "AUTOMATIC" Self-adjusting Feed Through Clamp

 The MPP-10 is able to clamp cases of varied sizes without stopping for vertical and horizontal set-up.

 General Description: Case height and length are detected by an electronic photocells as the case approaches the clamping section for automatic and simultaneous positioning of the vertical pressure platen and horizontal pressure support.
Once the case has reached the clamping section, an electronic photocell signals the control to stop the conveyor and begin the clamping cycle
Upon completion of the clamping cycle, the conveyor advances the case out of the clamping area.

  Working Capacity: Assembly/infeed area length 1,250 mm (49.3"), clamp length 5,600 mm (216"), clamp height 3,700 mm (144"); pass height from the floor 500 mm (19.7").

  Working Length min. 300 mm (11.8") - max. 2,500 mm (98"); working height min. 300 mm (11.8") - max. 1,220 mm (48"); working depth/width min. 250 mm (10") - max. 610 mm (24').

  Positioning Speed: Feed speed from 8 - 37 MPM (26 - 121 FPM); normal output is approx 1.5 cycles per minute.

  Horizontal Pressure System: Automatic self-positioning pressure platen driven by three (3) pneumatic cylinders.

  Vertical Pressure System: (1) Automatic self-positioning vertical support with three (3) automatic adjustable pneumatic pressure pads between the supports.

  (1) Fixed vertical support with three (3) automatic adjustable pneumatic pressure pads between the support.

  PLC Control System: Allows for simultaneous vertical and horizontal clamping; applying specific vertical and horizontal pressure; maintaining specific pressure time.

  Complete with: Light barriers on front & back of the machine for operator safety.

Final Removal Date: 10/27/2017

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Loading Fee $ 150 Loading Fee

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Palletizing, crating, or special loading procedures are not included.

Removal: 10/27/2017 is the Final Date for Removal.


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