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Brand/Model: HOMAG "KAL 210 AMBITION"
Year MFG: 2013
Serial #: 0-200-09-8634
Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Dimensions: 295" L  x  40" W  x  72" H
Weight: 8,500 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: Rigger Required
Comment: Very Popular Production Edgebander - easy to operate!

HOMAG KAL 210 AMBITION 2262 ... Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding:

 Features & Specifications:
Edge thickness, coiled stock min/max, 0.4 - 3 mm (0.016. - 1/8"), straight edges, min/max. 0.3 - 6 mm (0.16 - 15/64"), panel thickness min/max. 12 - 40 mm (15/32" - 1-9/16").

 Pre-Milling Station:
Two vertical jointing spindles; KW 3.0 x 2 (HP 4.0 x 2), 150 Hz, 9,000 RPM Motors; equipped with panel blow-off device and SIKO digital counters for adjustments.

 Panel Pre-Heat Unit: Quartz lamp for heating substrate edge before glue application.

 Edge Magazine Combination: Strip processing and (2) coil vertical magazine.

 Gluing System QA-34:: EVA, Quick Melt hopper feeder & roller applicator (reversible).

 Pressure Section Type C: Digital/mechanical positioning with (1) large 150 mm dia. driven & (6) idle rollers, pneumatically pressure control depending on edgbanding material used.


 End Trimming Unit "HL-81": kW 0.8 x 2 (HP 1.0 x 2) - 200 Hz, 12,000 RPM Motor ea. to cut excess edge on the front & back of the panel; pneumatic adjusting from chamfer 30 deg. to straight cut.

 Rough/Pre-Trimming Unit: Top & bottom, kW 0.55 x 2 (HP 1.0 x 2) - 12,000 RPM ea. motor; Height adjustment with the top pressure-beam and tilting range +/- 1°.

 Profile/Bevel/Corner Rounding Unit "FK11": Multi function (2) motors to fine trim the edge overhangs at the work-piece upper and lower edge, as well as trimming around the front & rear vertical edge. kW 0.4 x 2 (HP 0.54 x 2) motor ea.

 Profile/Bevel Scraping Unit "PN-10": Top & bottom for thick PVC/ABS, pneumatically activated.

 Flat Glue Scraper Unit: Top & bottom, pneumatically activated to remove potential glue squeeze-out.

 Buffing Unit "FA11": Top & bottom edge buffing/polishing.

 HOMATIC PC 22 Power Control: Controller functions in Windows environment and features: Keypad w/LCD flat screen display, fault diagnostic, OS9 real-time operating system. Hand-held control pendant reaching to the out-feed end of the machine, very useful for set-up and testing new programs.

 Variable Feed-speed: From 18 - 25 MPM (59 ~ 82 FPM); 80 mm feed track pads, and V-groove belt on top pressure beam which is motorized; motorized raising & lowering of top pressure beam through program selection.>

 Spraying Units: (1) For "anti-sticking" on in-feed side of the machine, (1) prior to Buffing Unit for edge polishing.

 Other Features:: SIKO Digital adjustments; electronic DC brakes on all trim motors, sound cabins for all trim workstations, standard adjustable outboard panel support with additional floor supports for heavy panels. Transformer to supply 400 Volt to the machine

Be sure you watch the video attached with this listing. You will find it below the main picture, right hand side "Play Video"

Local Qualified Technician available to professionally decommission and prepare this machine for transport by Flatbed Truck, ... for cost estimate please contact the Auction Manager.

Local Rigger available, ... for cost to load on a Flatbed Truck, please contact the Auction Manager.

NOTE: Conducted in Canadian Dollars

Final Removal Date: 2/2/2018

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Removal: 2/2/2018 is the Final Date for Removal.


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