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Brand/Model: I D M "ACTIVA 1-78"
Year MFG: 2005
Serial #: AH/003648
Elect./Voltage: 220 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Dimensions: 315" L  x  40" W  x  70" H
Weight: 6,000 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: Rigger Required
Comment: This IDM Activa 1-78 Edgebander has many more years of production life left for you to benefit from!

IDM ACTIVA 1-78 ... Automated, Heavy Production Edgebander

Working Capacity:

Edge thickness coiled, min/max. 0.3 mm - 3 mm; Strip material max. 20 mm (3/4"). Panel thickness,  min/max. 10 - 60 mm (3/8" - 2-3/8"), min. panel width 60 mm (2-3/8") &  min. 150 mm (5-15/16") panel length.

Front-End Equipped With: 

  In-Feed Fence, adjustable with pre-positioning by pneumatic air cylinder and digital indicator to determine pre-milling cutting depth.verhead beam mounted 

  Pre-Milling Station: With 2 x 3 HP - 12,000 RPM counter rotating vertical milling heads (w/used Diamond Tooling), both w/pneumatic jump control, 30 mm spindles and SIKO digital readouts for setup & adjustments

  Heating Zone: Quarz heating section to pre-head the panel edge for max. edge adhesion to panel.  

  Strip / Coil Magazine: Automatic edge-feed magazine with 3 mm PVC guillotine (9" pack cap. for strips);

  Gluing System: EVA (Hot Melt) overhead granular glue "Quick Melt" hopper feeding compact size, teflon coated lower applicator glue pot with 8.8 lbs. capacity, 1" dia. glue applicator roller, reversible rotation by flip of switch.

  Pressure Section: With (1) large dia. (7-7/8") clutch controlled drive roller and (3) jump action, pneumatic pressure idle rollers, and horiz. adj. via programmable servo motor and manual digital indicator.

  End Trimming Sation: Overhead, beam mounted front & rear end trimming, (2 x 0.8 HP - 14,400 RPM motors), motors tilt 0° - 12° on horiz. plane, 2nd blade position allows 45° chamfer cut, bevel adjustment can be activated from the PLC with (2) pre-set positions.

  Flush/Rough Pre-Trimming Station: Top & bottom (2 x 2.5 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), motors have electronic braking, and mechanical digital readouts.

   Fine/Bevel/Radius Trimming Station: Top & bottom, (2 x 1.5 HP - 12,000 RPM motor), tilt 0° - 45°LCD  for bevel and 3 mm PVC, with y-axis (horizontal in/out) servo positioning, pneumatics and mechanical digital readouts.

  Corner Rounding Station: Four (4) motor front/back - top/bottom corner rounding for up to 3 mmm thick pvc or solid wood edge material.

   Scraping Unit: Top & bottom scrapers for up to 5 mm thick PVC banding, pneumatic pressure over oil control for scraping knives, digital readouts, overhead PVC collection box eliminates PVC chips being sucked in by dust collector.

  Buffing Unit: Top & bottom oscillating ( 2 x 0.5 HP - 1,680 RPM motors), units tilt 0° - 30°.

  Edge Re-Activation Unit: Top & bottom for restoring PVC edges color luster & edge surface smoothing, LEISTER (2) hot air blower with temperature adjustment.

Tech Mark Controller: PLC Microprocessor with large LCD displays screen for easy graphical interpase programming, manual on/off workstation sequence & trouble shooting diagnostic; data input by soft-keypad; microprocessor adjusts according to stored programs or input; (100) programs available of which (10) have direct access from the controller & (90) can be retrieved via input of (2) stored key numbers. Automatic panel spacing control, remote control jog button, rotating operator control panel at eye-level height.

Complete With:

  Top Pressure Beam, motorized opening and top pressure v-belt.

  Feed Speed, 12 & 18 MPM (40 & 60 FPM), 5.5 KW (7.5 HP) feed chain motor,  hardened steel link feed chain with "anti-slip" 80 mm wide rubber pads.

   Sound Enclosure, insulated over all trim stations; 15 KVA - 240 Hz frequency inverter, and compl. set of used tooling.

  Documentation, complete set of original factory manuals and chematics.

  Multiple Voltage, in-put transformer.
Machine State : In storage, easily accessible
Inspection : Available for Inspection (By Appointment Only)

Final Removal Date: 7/5/2017

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Removal: 7/5/2017 is the Final Date for Removal.




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