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Item # EU-320060  
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Brand/Model: I M A "HKA"
Year MFG: 2000
Serial #: 18267
Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: ZEELAND, MI
Dimensions: 60" L  x  48" W  x  79" H
Weight: 1,188 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: $ 0 Loading fee
Comment: Motivated seller recently reduced price, want's to move quickly!

IMA - HKA, ...Contour Edgebander.

Manually operatied curved Edgebander that comes with (2) heads, which is a big plus.

  Designed for straight or curved (contour) edgebanding with 0.5 - 3 mm edgebanding thickness, 16 - 45 mm panel & banding height, 23 - 45 mm min. strip width; 100 mm min. panel width; 250 mm min. strip length.

  Features: 0.5 Liter cap. "floating worktable" head/glue pot unit (hot melt); guillotine knife for PVC material (within floating head) internal/external radii.

  Process: Floating edgebanding head is clamped to panel to be processed, pre-cut strip of edgebanding material is fed into glue head, operator guides head around workpiece, glue is directly applied to pre-cut strip of edgebanding material up to end of strip.

  Equipped with: Versatile glue head can be fixed to (1) side of table to allow operator to manually manipulate smaller pieces. During "fixed" mounted operation, coil material is drawn in automatically to infeed section of machine.

  32" (800 mm) Dia. coil dispensing table, large worktable surface (approx. 36" x 36"); preselection counter for edgebanding material; (1) vacuum pump 6 cbm/Hr cap.; (1) preheating unit with 600 Watts for pre-heating of PVC/ABS edges.

  Complete with: Thermo-control for glue temperature, foot pedal control to initate automatic cycle.
Machine State : Not in use, but still under Power
Inspection : Available for Inspection (By Appointment Only)

Final Removal Date: 6/7/2017

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Removal: 6/7/2017 is the Final Date for Removal.




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