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Item # EU-320064  |  Lot # 2243-01
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Brand/Model: HOLZ-HER "1488 TRIATHLON"
Year MFG: 2001
Serial #: 119/0-107
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Dimensions: 336" L  x  55" W  x  80" H
Weight: 7,500 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: $ 0 Loading fee
Comment: Clean machine just got out of service

HOLZ-HER 1488V Single Sided Edgebander with Pre-Mill & Corner Rounding 

   PLC Controller which has the ability to program all functions including; thickness, edge feed, glue application, end trimming, flush trimming, radius trimming, shaping, buffing, sanding.

   Virtually eliminates set-up time by selecting & loading program that automatically activates all functions simultaneously. 

Machine equiped for:

  Max. 15 mm) solid wood banding & 3 mm PVC cap., 2-3/8" max. panel thickness and 7" min. panel length. 

Equipped with:

  Granular glue hopper system with applicator nozzle & "quick melt" feature model "1907"

  Automatic magazine for coil, strip & solid edgebanding model "1901" with TRACTOR-BELT feed system, with Heavy Duty guillotine for 4 mm PVC.

  Pressure section with (3) large dia. rollers, each w/motorized plunge (servo motor) & pressure control, powered 1st roller with electronic speed control synchronized with chain feed speed, model "1926M".

  Workstations: "1916.3" Double motor (0.6 HP - 12,000 RPM ea.) end trim units with "Uni-Point" swivel system, "quick change" from flush to 0° - 15° bevel from operator panel;

  "1962" Top & bottom flush trim unit (2.6 HP - 200 Cy HF motors), SIKO digital readouts, w/motorized axis

  "1966.5M" Top & bottom fine trim unit w/motorized 5-axis fine trim (1.5 HP - 200 Cy HF motors), bevels 0° - 45°, SIKO digital readouts.

  "1929" Scraper Unit for finishing 3 mm PVC for radius range from 2 - 5 mm, vertical & horizontal tracing wheels, positioninng enabled throuhg SERVO Control motor function from control panel as well as SIKO readouts for easy setup.

  Last Station: "1944" Jump buffing unit for cleaning & polishing of panel (two 0.25 HP - 3,600 RPM motors), tilts 0° - 5°

  Variable feed speed from 8 - 24 MPM (26 - 67 FPM), panel overhang beyond chain 35 mm (1.38"); features automatic track pad lubrication. 


  Microprocessor with LCD screen for line control, glue temperature & flow, feed speed setting, and motorized holddown pressure beam adjustment, model "MBV".

 12 KVA Frequency inverter, outboard panel support, and sound enclosure w/interior lights over all milling units. 
Machine State : Not in use, but still under Power
Inspection : Available for Inspection (By Appointment Only)

Final Removal Date: 11/1/2017

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