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Item # EU-320066  |  Lot # 2246-00
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Brand/Model: POLYMAC "ERGHO 3"
Year MFG: 2000
Machine Type: EDGEBANDER
Serial #: 06511
Elect./Voltage: 220 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: Wardensville, WV
Dimensions: 174" L  x  39" W  x  57" H
Weight: 3,608 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: $ 0 Loading fee
Comment: Machine is very Clean and operational

15 mm (5/8") Cap. edgebanding thickness, min. panel width 85 mm & min. length 160 mm, max. panel thickness 45 mm; automatic strip & coil feed magazine with 3 mm PVC guillotine, (6" pack cap. for strips).

  Compact size, underneath infeed magazine mounted Teflon coated Hot Melt glue pot, dual digital thermostats, 1" dia. glue applicator roller.

  Pressure section with (1) large dia. "non-stick" coated drive roller and (3) pneumatic pressure controlled idle rollers, horiz. adj. w/digital indicator.

  Workstations: Front & rear end trims (0.5 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), motors travel on 45° slides and tilt 0° - 12° on horiz. plane; top & bottom flush trims (1 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), digital readouts for easy setup.

  Top & bottom "fine/bevel/profile" multi-function trims (0.5 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), motors tilt 0° - 30°, cutters for 10° bevel and 3 mm PVC radius round, digital readouts for easy setup (both T & B trimmes w/Quick Change motors for easy tooling change).

  Top & bottom scrapers for 3 mm thick PVC banding, pneumatic pressure control for scraping knives, digitals for horiz. adjustments; top & bottom buffing (0.5 HP - 3,000 RPM motors), units tilt 0° - 30°.

  Feed chain with "anti-slip" 80 mm wide rubber pads, self-lubrication chain pads, variable feed speed 29 - 60 FPM, with 2 HP feed drive; PLC microprocessor control for workstation function & feed speed, remote control jog button .

  Complete with: Heated infeed fence, insulated sound enclosure over all trim stations, rotating operator control panel w/keypad and LCD readout, extendable side panel support rail, 6 KVA - 240 Hz digital frequency inverter.

Machine State: Not in use, but still under Power
Inspection: Available for Inspection (By Appointment Only)

Final Removal Date: 11/8/2017

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