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Item # FC-230054  |  Lot # 003
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Year MFG: 1999
Serial #: 6316509
Elect./Voltage: 600 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: Barrie, ON
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Loading: Rigger Required

CEFLA/SORBINI Vacuum Coater for 3 or 4-sided coating of Mouldings/Trim of any shape or length in a feed-thru machine 

  Basis of Operation: Substrate enters the Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber via a conveyor belt and passes through the coating. The chamber contains a reverse template of the profiled substrate.  As the substrate leaves the chamber, negative pressure in the chamber keeps excess fluid inside resulting in practically 100% Transfer Efficiency. Coating is run through several filters and sent back to the reservoir for recycling. Coating thickness controlled with a modulating valve.  

  Capacity/Feed Speed: 12" max. width by 2-1/4" max. height; Max substrate length is unlimited & 36" is min. length. Variable feed speed from 30 - 150  FPM (on 4-sided pieces of 36" - 47" line speed is reduced to 90 FPM).

  Substrate Coatings: Uses waterborne coatings be it stains, primers, sealers, base coats, top coats and even fungicides; can be used to coat most solid materials, regardless of shape or length. 

  Equipped with: 19 HP Regenerative Vacuum Pump (double membrane) which holds fluid inside vacuum chamber; 15-gallon capacity reservoir; SS vacuum chamber with adjustable substrate hold-downs & guides.Coating supply pump; Electric pre-heat of supply circuit & thermostatically controlled   

  Comes with:  air operated diaphragm recycling pump; high capacity fluid filter; separation tower with stainless baffle and filtering system; heavy gauge steel construction; vacuum  gauge. 

  Features:  Free standing electrical control/operator panel with microprocessor for memory parameters, visual display and graphic keys.


Final Removal Date: 9/30/2017

Contact the Auction Manager:   Tony Cornacchione   (877) 580-5844 ext. 432 or Tony@exfactoryauctions.com.


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