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Item # FO-230087  
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Brand/Model: CEFLA "TLF 2L"
Year MFG: 1999
Machine Type: UV CURING OVEN
Serial #: 91049/2
Elect./Voltage: 600V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: Barrie, ON
Dimensions: 180" L  x  55" W  x  108" H
Weight: 3,000 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: Rigger Required

(5) Lamp Lineal Feed-Thru UV Curing/Drying Oven!

  A flexible and effective system for the UV drying of linear parts whereby coating was applied by a vacuum coater (or profile sprayer machine). Usable for immediate curing of wood linear mouldings and trim of any profile

  Working dimensions and features: Infinite moulding length, approx. 10 mm (0.4") - 200 mm (8") width and 10 mm (4") - 80 (3.2") thickness. Machine parameters, i.e. belt speed and lamp power are controlled by PLC

  Comes with: (2) Bottom + (3) Top tilt-able high power cure UV lamps with bottom length of approx. 280 mm (12") of 6 KA each and dual length top lamps. Top Lamps are mounted on a semi-circular arrangement for maximum curing coverage/efficiency. Switchable power setting allows bulb conservation, as well as multiple product curing ability, 10% "power save" mode resets to full capacity within (5) Sec

  Irradiators are enclosed and visually shielded; lamp is mounted on vertically adjustable rack to allow precise focal point adjustments as needed, and is easily removed for replacement or service Lamp cooling fan for exhausting heat and fumes from the UV lamp enclosure. High Power linear UV drying lamps (Mercury vapor and Gallium-doped lamps can be installed on the same fixture)

  PLC controls power level for high power UV lamps and variable feed speed between 10 - 50 MPM (33 - 165 FPM). Each lamp is independently cooled with filtered air.˜˜Overall dimensions approx. 12' long x 5' wide x 8-1/2' high

  Actual model is CEFLA "TLFP 3/050

NOTE: Conducted in Canadian Dollars.

Final Removal Date: 9/30/2017

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Removal: 9/30/2017 is the Final Date for Removal.


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