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Item # LA-320011  |  Lot # 1371-247
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Brand/Model: BARBERAN "RP-30 PUR"
Year MFG: 1996
Serial #: 9664-07-96
Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: ZEELAND, MI
Dimensions: 373" L  x  36" W  x  80" H
Weight: Lbs (estimate)
Loading: $ 150 Loading fee
Comment: A long Wrapper that can handle tricky profiles; does require some repair, but is in decent condition. Has been idle for several years.

BARBERAN - RP 30 PUR, ...Profile Wrapping Machine.

Profile Wrapping machine with flying saw; overall length of 29'.

  Machine can apply an overlay of up to 11" wide so max. width of part is going to be based on the amount of wrap around that overlay. The machine handles an 11" wide part going through, but at that width, there will be no overlay to "wrap around".

  Substrate thickness is from 3-1/2" max. to 3/16" min.

  31" Min. part length.

  Infeed section: 24" Max. dia. foil roll with guide discs & tensioning/brake; veneer (strip) feeder, speed adjustable to index with substrate.

  (3) Infeed end part cleaning brushes - Top, Left and Right with 3" dia. dust exhaust port.

  Adhesive: Machine setup with a 20 kG (44 Lbs) premelting tank, 6 kW heater to melt the EVA hot melt adhesive. This machine is classified by BARBERAN as a PUR machine and does work with the applicator roll.

  The applicator roller is 300 mm (11-3/4") long heated by a 0.75 kW element, presure holding the laminate down to the applicator roll by means of segmented presure roll.

  Adhesive thickness set by doctor knife with hand wheel adjustment and digital readout.

  Laminating: Parts run through machine on (35) sets of (2) wide rubber covered bottom wheels 7.9" dia. and 1/2" wide that are setup to match part width using a "fast change system" for easy setup changeover (currently, several of the axle wheel runs are missing and need to be replaced to run short parts).

  Feed rolls are driven by 3 HP motor and gear transmission, are reversible to aid in setup; variable speed from 10 - 60 MPM.

  Complete with: Heat guns to reactivate adhesive; large set of tools designed for wrapping many profiles; tools include wrapping wheels, vertical bars, knuckles, and couplings.

 The flying saw section requires repair, the Servo motor is missing from the unit.

Machine State: In storage, easily accessible
Inspection: Available for Inspection (By Appointment Only)

Final Removal Date: 9/6/2017

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