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Item # MH-230473  |  Lot # 006
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Brand/Model: ROBOPAC "ROTOPLAT 707.1 PVS"
Year MFG: 2015
Serial #: 126786
Elect./Voltage: 110 V, 60 Cy, 1 Ph.
Location: Duluth, GA
Dimensions: 67" L  x  109" W  x  120" H
Weight: 1,320 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: $ 120 Loading fee
Comment: A few Dents and Dings

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper!

Performance Criteria:

  Production rate up to 40 loads per hour, max load size 52" (W) x 52" (L) x 110" (H)

Turntable Design:

  Turntable height 27/8", turntable drive, 1 HP VAC, heavy duty chain and sprocket drive, turntable speed 5-15 RPM, Turntable Support 15/8", UHMW covered support casters, Turntable Size 65" diameter, 3/8" thick diamond plate steel, Weight Capacity 4,400 lbs.

Frame Construction:

  Base Fabrication, Cold forged formed steel base, fork truck portability, front and back Mast Construction, Cold forged formed steel with rounded corners

Electrical Data:

  Control Panel NEMA 12, control logic Microcontroller

Film Delivery System:

  Stretch adjustable electronic powered pre-stretch up to 400%, Up to 9 levels, carriage lift, ½ HP VAC motor, chain driven, film loading S-Pattern, corner compensation, load cell, safety anti-fall device (CE approved), safety pressure plate activated roll carriage safety stop

Operating Controls:

  Control Panel NEMA 12 sealed membrane with LCD readouts, roll Carriage, variable speed with manual up/down jog capability, turntable 5-15 rpm variable speed, home position referencing and manual jog capabilities, load tensioning, variable wrapping force control, wrap counters, separate top and bottom power, emergency stop button and cycle pause, height sensing, automatic height sensing via photocell banding, programmable or manually actuated, wrapping Menus; 4 operator programmable, cycle counting, cumulative cycle counter, resettable shift counter

Final Removal Date: 1/25/2018

Contact the Auction Manager:   Walt Piedrahita   (877) 580-5844 ext. 342 or walt.piedrahita@exfactoryauctions.com.


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