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Item # PK-320023  |  Lot # 2183-00
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Brand/Model: SCMI "SIGMA 90"
Year MFG: N/A
Serial #: AE 19846
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: Hempstead, NY
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Loading: Rigger Required
Comment: SCMI SIGMA 90

SCMI Front Load Automatic Panel Saw, Model SIGMA 90.

  126" (3,200 mm) cutting length, 3.5" (90 mm) saw blade projection, 14.75 HP (11 kW) main saw motor, 13.7" (350 mm) dia. main blade - 4,600 RPM, 2.4 HP (1.7 kW) scoring motor, 6.3" (160 mm) dia. scoring blade - 6,200 RPM; external score saw adjustment.

  Feed speed variator for saw carriage, 0 - 197 FPM ( 0 - 60 MPM) forward speed, 197 FPM (60 MPM) return speed, automatic saw carriage lubrication, travels on balanced and hardened cylindrical guides, "THK" guides for vertical saw movement.

  Programmable rear fence with rack & pinion movement, 39 - 262 FPM (12 - 80 MPM) forward speed, 262 FPM (80 MPM) reverse speed, (6) material grippers, grippers fit into a slotted pressure beam for positive material control during the final cut.

  "PC" Front-end with Windows operating system, Pentium processor, 3.2 GB hard drive, 32 MB Ram, 15" color monitor display, (32) key standard PC type keypad, (2) serial ports, (1) parallel port, additional spacing for networking cards.

  (2) Axes positioning readout (saw carriage & pusher), automatic/semi-automatic modes interruptible for blade changes, virtually unlimited memory capacity, on screen self-diagonstic readout of malfunction, on-screen production reporting, positioning errors, command errors, RS-232 serial port for possible office PC connection.

  Rear support rails with rollers; (3) front air flotation tables 59" x 20" (1,499 x 508 mm), (1) fixed air flotation table with crosscut fence and (2) adjustable air floatation tables. Automatic crosscut side aligner from 2.8" (71 mm) out to 47.2" (1,199 mm), plastic safety segmented curtain & emergency bar surround cutting area.

 NOTE: There is a problem with the controller

Machine State: Still in place, but disconnected
Inspection: Available for Inspection (By Appointment Only)

Final Removal Date: 9/20/2017

Note: Number of bids and bid amounts shown may vary slightly from real time.