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PLEASE NOTE: If this is your first time participating in our Auction, we highly recommend you review the Buyers "Terms and Conditions" prior to bidding. Your bid is a contract and you are obligated to purchase any equipment at the winning bid amount plus applicable fees.

Bid Entry. (Middle/right of the "Auction Detail" page)

  1. Type your bid amount in the box that follows: "Your Maximum Bid". All bids are in US currency and shoudl be entered as numeric entries only, i.e. a bid for $ 1,000 should be entered as "1000" not "1,000.00", "$1,000", etc. NOTE! Once you place a successful bid, you cannot retract, cancel or delete it.
  2. The confirmation page will display the specific Terms related to the item you bidding on, please review these terms related to the logistics of removing the item and the additional costs associated with this purchase.
  3. After reviewing the confirmation page, please submit your bid or cancel if you do not agree with the terms of the sale.
Understanding the Max Bid Feature.
  • By using the Max Bid you can allow the system to bid automatically and not be forced to track an auction to ensure you have the highest bid. The system will bid up to your Max Bid against other bidders in the system.
  • Upon entering an initial Max Bid the system will place a bid in the amount of either the Reserve, the Next Available Bid, or your Max Bid whichever is the lesser amount.
  • When a Max Bid is placed the system will notify the bidder if another bid of equal or higher value has been placed. If you receive this notification you will need to increase your bid to win the auction.