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TORONTO CASEWORX Consolidating Operations, Offering "TOP BRANDS - Late Models" Surplus Panel Processing Machinery By On-Line Auction Only.

Inspection Details:
All Inspections will be conducted by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please contact Lyle Estell 603-540-9462, lestell@calclosets.com
Event Location:
Woodbridge, ON

Onsite Contact:
Lyle Estell
603-540-9462, lestell@calclosets.com

Auction Manager:
Karl Balg
877-580-5844 ext. 355

Buyers Premium:
15% will be added.

Auction Begins:
Auction Ends:
Removal Dates:
From : 1/12/2018
To : 2/2/2018

Conducted in CDN-$ only.