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Item # EO-230096  |  Lot # 012
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Brand/Model: HOLZ-HER "1321-2 SPRINT"
Year MFG: 2003
Serial #: 109/0-307
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: ZEELAND, MI
Dimensions: 256" L  x  63" W  x  67" H
Weight: 5,500 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: $ 200 Loading fee
Comment: An exceptionally well cared for machine with pre-mill and corner round!

HOLZ-HER Single Sided Edgebander "SPRINT 1321-2" with Pre-Mill and Corner Rounding:

  0.3 - 15 mm (5/8") Thickness edgebanding capability (3 mm coil or 15 mm max. strip); 6 - 50 mm (1/4" - 2") panel thickness, workpiece width min. of 60 mm (2-5/16"); workpiece length min. 180 mm.

  Single Feed speed of 12.5 MPM (41 FPM).

Equipped with:

  Programmable Logic Control (PLC) for Edge feed, glue application, end trimming, flush trimming, radius trimming, scraping, corner rounding, and buffing.

  Programs can be easily created and recalled at will; screen with graphic interface makes programming easy, icon of each unit may be brought up on the screen to show the operator the status of the unit and the parameters which can be programmed; Edgebander can be operated manually when required, without necessity to write a program.

Machine configuration:

  Pre-milling station "1961", (2) 2.0 kW (3 HP) - 12,000 RPM Motors, (2) vertical milling heads, both with pneumatic "jump control".

  "1903" Edgestrip Magazine; (1) Universal magazine for solid edges, strips, and coiled material. Utilizes motion detector to ensure accurate, trouble-free positioning of edge material; exclusive "Tractor-Belt feed System", edge guide equipped with automatic guillotine lockout for safety, 3° approach angle allows easy feeding of large wood edges.

  "1906-M" Gluing Station - Cartridge System with: Adjustable glue nozzle applicator, 2-1/2 Min glue heat-up time, fast color change, and can process PUR Glue Cartridges.

  Servo Controlled pressure section, (3) Pressure Rollers with (1) large driven roller & (2) conical idle rollers.

Edgebanding Workstations:

  "1918 HF" Front & rear end trim unit (0.35 kW - 9,000 RPM motor each), Uni-Point axis for no reindexing when changing from flush to bevel end trim (0° - 10° bevel),"PCS" Pneumatic Changeover from flush to bevel from control panel.

  Top & Bottom Flush Trim unit "1823" (0.6 kW - 300 Cy HF motors 18,000 RPM Motor ea.), SIKO digital readouts.

  "1942-M" Servo Controlled Top & Bottom Combination flush/chamfer & radius unit (0.6 kW - 18,000 RPM each motor), Uni-Point design for no second adjustment when changing the degree of bevel, air jets for debris removal, digital counters, and includes 2-position "PCS" Pneumatic Changeover System from flush to radius from control panel.

  "1929" Top & Bottom PVC Profile Scrape station: Reversible insert carbide knives, equipped with air-jet blowers; "PCS" Pneumatic Changeover System moves Scraper Unit in-and-out from control panel; inc. Chip Collector Box.

  "1832" 1-Motor Corner Rounding unit: For edges up to 3 mm edge thickness; incl. Tooling R = 3 mm.

  Flat Glue Scraper "1964" Top/bottom with ball bearing copy guides and angled reversable insert knifes to remove potential glue squeeze out.

  "1940" Top & Bottom Buffing Station: Possible to adjust in any direction (vertical tilt is 0° - 5°, horizontal Swivel is 0° - 20°); 1,440 RPM wheel rotation.

  Complete with: Microprocessor for line control & glue temperature, 10 KVA frequency changer, outboard panel support, and sound enclosure w/interior lights over enclosed workstations of the machine, & used tooling on the stations.

Final Removal Date: 7/17/2018

Contact the Auction Manager:   Amanda Solomon   (877) 580-5844 ext. 374 or amanda@exfactoryauctions.com.


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