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This is a "Step by Step Start" to this Site. See Help for comprehensive information

You may browse the Auction site and view any item at any time. - No logon for browsing is necessary.

To use secure features, such as "PowerBid," request more information about any item, or Bid on an item, you must be logged on to an Auction account. If not logged on, you are prompted to either login (Login.aspx) or Register (Register.aspx) to open a free account with EX FACTORYAuctions.

If you've already established an Account with other EX-FACTORY websites, you can use the same email address and password for this site. If you wish to open an account, click here.

Site Navigation

Every page has a header & menu bar with links followed by a menu bar with links to immediately access EXFACTORYAuctions services and/or descriptions of its services.


  • LOGIN - Log on to the EXFACTORYAuctions website
  • REGISTER - Secure area; contains links to Auction items of interest to you.
  • BIDDING - Overview of the EXFACTORYAuctions bidding process.
  • FAQs - Answers to questions visitors usually ask.
  • ABOUT US - Overview of EXFACTORYAuctions and an introduction to its support staff.
  • CONTACT - Input Text area that a visitor can use to send EXFACTORYAuctions comments directly through the website's facilities.
  • Help - Detailed descriptions of EXFACTORYAuctions' major services and how the visitor can successfully use those services.


  • HOME - Return immediately to EXFACTORYAuctions homepage.
  • GET STARTED - Quick Start to use EX FACTORYAuctions services.
  • AUCTION WATCH - "Live" Auction items you wish to personally monitor.
  • POWERBID - Your "Live" Bids or Auction Watches and/or Closing Soon items you wish to monitor.
  • SCHEDULE - A drop-down list containing:
    • CURRENT EVENTS - Active Auction Event Summaries
    • AUCTION CALENDAR - Current Auction Events for the month, past months, and future months.
    • CLOSING SOON - Items closing within the next 24 hours
    • RECENTLY ADDED - Newest items entering the Online Auction

Left Sidebar Navigation

Navigate to current "in auction" items using the links on the left side of each auction page (as shown here).

You may view items within an Event, by Category, or by Manufacturer.

Each side bar navigation link, such as the "Edgebander" CATEGORY displays a summary page of all current items in that group.

Alternatively, select one of the "FEATURED AUCTION EVENTS" (in closing order) in the middle of the Auction site's home page. Click anywhere within the Auction Event billboard for a summary of items for that Event.

Item Navigation

All item information is accessible through the item's "Detail Page". Use the side bar to scroll up or down for complete information.

There are (6) detail information areas (top to bottom):

  • Bidding - more information below
  • Photos
  • Basic Item Description
  • Product Literature (if available)
  • Detailed Item Description
  • Contact Information (bottom of page)

Areas (2 - 6) are self-explanatory.

Item Bidding


  1. "Your Maximum Bid: (Proxy Bid) Maximum Bid" input area. To enter a bid, you must be logged in to the EXFACTORYAuction site. You will be prompted if not already logged in.
  2. Each bid is a legally binding offer to purchase the item. Each time you bid you a " Bid Message " page is displayed. To continue, you must select Send My Bid and check "I agree to the Terms & Conditions" displayed immediately below the check box. Otherwise select Cancel to return to the item's detail page.
  3. Selecting Send My Bid generates a "Congratulations! You are the high bidder on this Lot!" confirmation message. You may either "Return to Auction" (i.e., the Item Detail Page" or "Return to Listings" (the item's Event Summary webtage).
  4. After auction close, the Winning Bidder receives an invoice with the bid amount plus a buyer's premium and other fees described in the item's "Terms" and "Logistics"
  5. If you are the winning Bidder, you are obligated to purchase the item per its Terms (see 2 above). Remit payment to E FACTORY INC. by I wire transfer or Cashiers Check within 48 hours after receiving your Invoice.
  6. The item must be removed as stated in the Load & Shipping Info link at the bottom of the detail webpage.

The complete detailed explanation of our bidding process is available by clicking here.